Sand In My Shoes

SONY NEX-5 (55mm, f/6.3, 1/160 sec, ISO200)

I’m stuck at home as probably half of the planets population because of a tiny but deadly virus. So I looked back at my travels of the last couple of years when I captured my trips  with Fuji cameras. I decided to make a blog post with links to my personal favourite blog post. Here they are. My favourite 6 out of over 600.

It will take you to the busy morning traffic in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. To a beautiful temple in the South of India. The strangest nuclear power plant of the world. To Japan, to the South West of the USA and finally to a magical winter night on the Red Square in Moscow. A trip around the world at a time when we all must stay at home and can only travel in our minds. Hope it gives you some inspiration for the future when life is back to how it used to be. Enjoy!


Good Morning Vietnam! A very first experience of the motorcycles of HCMC (Saigon), Vietnam. I just went down after breakfast. Already in my suit waiting for my business partner to pick me up. I got about 30 minutes to capture the morning traffic in front of my hotel.

Two Penguins in India The first visit of an Indian temple in India. In Chennai on a super hot and humid evening. Almost 40 degrees Celsius after sunset and a humidity of 80%. I suffered and the heat of the floor hurt my nearly naked feet.

Days of Innocence A visit to the only nuclear plant in Austria including a trip inside the reactor! Plus some thoughts about the Sign of the Times.

Lost in Translation I wrote about my first impressions right after I returned from my very first trip to Japan. Spoiler: I was overwhelmed. Who would have guessed that. 😉

Keep Coming Back This is a blog post I wrote after I returned from our vacation number six to the South West of the USA. An attempt to explain why we keep coming back. Meanwhile we already went there one more time. This time East Coast though.

Winter Wonderland A blog post from a wonderful visit of the Red Square in Moscow in February 2012 during a cold wave from Siberia. Finally I saw the Red Square as I always imagined it. A Winter Wonderland!