Winter Wonderland

NIKON Z 6 (54mm, f/4, 1/80 sec, ISO100)

Sometimes life is like a gingerbread house. Beautiful and sweet. Sometimes it is not.

After 2020 I thought it could only get better. Well I was wrong, very wrong. In Austria we stumbled from one total lock down into the next one. The last one which lasted for 3 weeks just ended 5 days ago. Just before Christmas and it seems the next lock down is right around the corner.

I could not really travel again this year as most the countries in Asia and also the USA locked Europeans out. So we only traveled to Croatia for two weeks this autumn where life ¬†felt almost normal again. But I still have no right to complain. I’m still alive and so are my friends. I still have my job even though it feels very different and I still live in a great place of this world. But I don’t feel good and it is easy to see why.

Even though we are fully vaccinated we still have to mask up and ideally refrain from seeing family and friends. We should not go out too much and of course should avoid indoor events like concerts, theater or cinema. And of course we should not shake hands or hug and kiss but I’m done with that. This is not the life I want to live. I want to get my life back and I’m not alone. My friends and colleagues think the same. Time to get back to a world where to meet someone was something positive.

NIKON Z 6 (70mm, f/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO125)
NIKON Z 6 (70mm, f/4, 1/125 sec, ISO100)
NIKON Z 6 (70mm, f/4, 1/160 sec, ISO100)

But this is supposed to be a Christmas greeting and not another rant. And I can feel the sugar from the gingerbread house kicking in. It looks very different now. The roof is gone and so is the Christmas tree and the back wall. I quickly took a couple of pictures after lunch before we started to dismantle it piece by piece. In days like this you have to treat yourself. And others.

And that brings me to the EXIF data of the pictures. The are shot with a Nikon Z6 but as you now I shoot Fuji for many years now and I still do. I only had the Z6 for a limited time. From the beginning of November until the 24th of December. Then I will pass it to my mother in law as a Christmas gift. She still loves to take pictures with her Nikon D90. I hope she will be happy with this one. I think this is quite a substantial upgrade and thanks to the FTZ converter she can still use her lenses.

Usually we don’t do fancy Christmas gifts so this will be a camera that I just “lend” to her. I hope that she has fun and that she takes great images with it. It is a very nice camera and as a long time Nikon shooter I felt right at home. Image quality is great too but I still will stay with Fuji. I just got spoiled by the ergonomics of the X-Pro2 and the size and weight of this camera with small prime lenses. There is no way to go back to full frame but if I would it would be the Nikon Z system. Btw. Those are out of camera JPEGs because I already switched from RAW to JPEG so that I don’t forget this when I hand over the camera to my mother in law.

I almost forgot: Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy the time with your family and with your friends.

NIKON Z 6 (54mm, f/4, 1/80 sec, ISO100)