Here Comes Santa Claus

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (23mm, f/2, 1/80 sec, ISO320)

When I grow up Christmas was different. Very different!

Of course that’s because Christmas and the whole time before the event is the most exciting time of the year only al long as you are still a kid. As you grow older you no longer believe in the Christkind and a couple of other things. That’s life and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are younger than me and the chances are good than you might have no idea what the Christkind is. In case you haven’t already googled it: It’s baby Jesus but with wings and it brings the Christmas gifts. Not the fat guy in red with the white beard that Coca Cola invented in the 30s.┬áThat’s why I didn’t purchase the Marzipan Santas when we visited the Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest for coffee and cake. But I have to admit that they looked very nice.

But no matter if Christkind or Santa: Merry Christmas to you and a good time with family and friends!