Lesson Learned

Recently I flew from Vienna to London. It was an afternoon flight and I had a window seat but the weather was dull so I left my camera in the overhead compartment. Big mistake!

Right after the start we broke though the fog and there was some amazing scenery. All the higher hills and later the peaks of the Alps stood out of the fog in beautiful winter afternoon light. I just missed to capture some great shots with my brand new small camera. I would even have been able to pick out some nice detail thanks to its 24-100mm zoom lens.

But my new camera, the Canon G7X sat in my bag. I was not too happy about that. But I was tired and the guy on the isle seat slept very well so I didn’t grab my camera after the start. Next big mistake!

When we reached London late afternoon local time I saw the most amazing sunset over London. It was just unbelievable. I small leak in the clouds led to Velvia colors I haven’t seen for a very long time in real live. Again it was too late to get my camera and so I watched one of the best sunsets ever. It was all orange, yellow and red and closer to the ¬†ground in changed to pink and violet. Just like the fake looking landscape shoots in travel magazines. Just what Velvia gave us in the days of film. We flew over London and I saw the river themes, the financial district and all the houses of the suburbs right before Heathrow in beautiful evening light and I didn’t even had my iPhone with me which was also in the bag. To say that I was not amused about my stupidity doesn’t quite express how I felt.

I fly a lot and it is very rare that I see something exciting so most of the time I just grab a paper or watch a movie. Most of the time. But sometimes the light can be extraordinary.

So no images for this blog post as a reminder that you always should be prepared.