Blue Hour in Las Vegas

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/3.6, 1/100 sec, ISO500)

Some more pictures from our evening walk on the strip. It’s just magical to shoot during the blue hour.

I still shot everything with the XF16/1.4WR and focused on the architectural details around the City Center. It was such a beautiful mix of shiny metal, yellow, orange and red tones from the shop windows and the blue sky.

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2.8, 1/100 sec, ISO320)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2.8, 1/100 sec, ISO1250)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2.8, 1/100 sec, ISO1250)

Even though I’m less impressed with the items on display I really appreciated the architecture. A welcome departure from the typical “Italian kitsch Las Vegas style” like i.e.: The Bellagio, The Venetian or the Caesars Palace.

This is very different. It is fresh and modern. Steel, glass and metal. And it’s just beautiful!

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2, 1/100 sec, ISO800)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2, 1/100 sec, ISO1000)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2, 1/100 sec, ISO400)

We closed the loop and got back to where we started. Now already extremely tired we looked forward to a good nights sleep to recover from the heat of the last couple of days.

And we decided to not continue our trip to Arizona and later Utah but to go back to the coast after Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree NP. The weather forecast hasn’t changed, temperatures of 46 degrees in Phoenix and above 40 in most parts of the South West was not something we looked forward to. There is no way to enjoy Utah’s parks if you can’t hike there because of the heat.

So we did the only thing that made sense and decided to spend the second half of our vacation driving up the coast to San Francisco and to spend more time on the places that we just passed on our way down to Los Angeles. The cold waters of the Pacific guarantee that the temperature will be very pleasant. Just as pleasant as in our hotel room. Viva Las Vegas!

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/1.6, 1/100 sec, ISO640)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (16mm, f/2.2, 1/100 sec, ISO800)