The Next Big Thing Is Small, Sony RX100 Review part IIb and Conclusion

SONY DSC-RX100 (10.4mm, f/2.2, 1/60 sec, ISO800)

Small is beautiful. Less is more. Reduce to the max, Simple life….. We all know about the magic of reduction. Since the economy crises started about 4 years ago reduction is everywhere. It’s almost a kind of hype. Even they still very rich talk about reduction. Of course most of the time they are praying water and drinking wine. But it seems that they don’t feel as comfortable showing their wealth as they did before. Before you blame me to be a socialist living in a nice house on the hill I will stop here.

As much as the magic of reduction is hyped most of the time less means just less. It’s the same with cameras. Less is just less. Continue reading